12 enero, 2018

Decorative lamps for your home for an aesthetic appeal

Lighting is the most important element to be taken care of while designing the interiors of your home. Proper lighting creates a pleasing, warm and positive atmosphere. It enhances the splendor of your home.

Lighting is as important as your fittings and furniture. You can use different kinds of decorative lamps to give style and comfort to your place.

There are various types of lighting to make your home beautiful:

Ambient lighting is used to create a relaxing atmosphere which would be ideal for you after a hard day’s work or to just chit chat with a friend. Track lights, wall lights and chandeliers are used to create ambience.

Task lighting, also called office lighting, is used while you are reading, writing or working on something that needs focus. This lighting helps in stimulating your brain. Desk and floor lamps, vanity lights and pendants can be used to create task lighting.

Accent lighting is used to highlight the areas /pieces of display such as art collection or furniture. This is especially used in museums and historical structures. You can use wall lights, landscape lights and spot lights to create accent lighting.


Light is important not only because it enables us to see; it also makes us feel comfortable and safe. The human sensations differ depending on the type of light. For instance, ambient lights prompts you to rest while the task lights stimulates you to be alert and focused. Accent lights make you focus your attention on highlighted pieces.

Luminara lighting provides great ambience to your home. Some space in your home must be dedicated to ambience.

Quasar offers spotlight, downlight, panel light, tube series, wall washer series and a variety of other lightings. You can choose depending upon your need.

Cantellani and Smith have a wide range of lamps for ambience, task and accent lighting.

You can shop for Michael Anastassiades lighting for contemporary and modern lamps.

These are some well known lighting brands that make your interiors more appealing !

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