16 febrero, 2018

Feng Shui in Interior Design

Feng Shui is a millenary art that seeks to balance the energetic forces with which we cohabit and reorient them in our favor, to facilitate the challenges that life provides us for the knowledge of ourselves and the permanent growth as a human being.

Feng Shui means: gentle wind over calm water.

This Art has more than 5,000 years of existence, in its beginning it was used in China to design and orient the tombs of its emperors. Then to design your palaces.

It is based on balancing the five elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Wood and Metal. These elements are found in the construction of your home and in the decoration. The paintings, textiles, plants, lighting, doors and windows will influence your well-being.

There is a certain position and space for each object in your house. The way you place objects affects each aspect of your life from your health to your career. Interior designers can help you organize the space of your home to keep objects at right place to minimize negativity.

Feng Shui Tips

Keep entrance clear

The entrance of your home should be clear of any mess. Energy enters through a front door. You shouldn’t let clutter pile up. Don’t place tables, plants or anything near entry. Let it be an open space and let positive energy in.

Don’t ignore breakages

Don’t keep anything that is broken or out of commission. You should immediately get all damages repaired as they cause frustration and anxiety. Make sure that your clock is working fine, hinges are not loose, doorframes are not moth-eaten.

Put plants in bedroom

Having plants in your life will invite positivity. There are certain flowers that rev up romance in your life. They will keep you elated all the time and light-hearted, too. Flowers will lift up your soul.

Keep riding career ladder

Objects in your office should also be at the right position. For instance, a desk should be door facing, a mirror should be placed so that you can see directly at the door. It is assumed that it brings lots of good opportunities.

Keep curtains open

Let sunshine in, into your room or office. Open windows. Natural light and fresh air are important to destroy negativity. If plants are in your room, ventilation will help clear the inside air.



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