28 noviembre, 2017

Here’s what Femont Galvan has to offer

Fermont Galvan Designers consists of a skilled and experienced designing team that collaborates with highly reputed international brands and dedicated craftsmen. We consistently work towards providing the best design solutions which focus on aesthetics as well as functionality. The team is led by the professional guidance and expertise of interior architect Ivonne Galvan and industrial designer Geoffrey Femont, both having years of experience in their respective fields.


We take your ideas for an ideal space, be it for working or living, and transform them into reality with the help of bespoke pieces and a trained eye for perfection. Our designing team uses materials of international standards to lend a quality of sophistication and timeslessness to your space. Here are a few highlights of the service that we offer:

  • We create a space that reflects the personality of the client. The materials and furniture seamlessly blend with the structure of the space. They are intuitively incorporated to enhance user experience.
  • The furniture used for interior decoration is a combination of hand-crafted and designer pieces which are customized according to the requirements of the architectural plan and designing theme. Whatever the client desires to add to the space, be it a recreation of a classic piece of furniture or a tailor-made technological solution, we are here to deliver it.
  • Femont Galvan has an exquisite and extensive collection of materials which make the overall design more meaningful. They blend with the other elements of the space naturally to form a complete and aesthetic whole. The textures, patterns and colors of the materials are inspired and appealing to the eye.
  • Lighting is a vital part of the decor that we create. We make use of the right lighting which uplifts the design and pleases the eye. It is soothing and enhances relaxation. Our team works hard to create a space which is serves as a comfort zone for the client. It inspires productivity and is a haven of peace.
  • We follow a 360 degree approach which includes close attention to detail in every aspect be it design, dressing or furniture. The ultimate result is an interactive arrangement in which the elements speak to each other to create a harmonious blend of efficiency and beauty.

Femont Galvan Designers believes in creating individualized experiences for clients by offering the perfect combination of bespoke elements and ingenuity.

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