2 febrero, 2018

Hygge: How To Embrace the Cozy Danish Concept

Hygge is a Danish concept related to well- being. In what sense?

The concept is not particular to any one thing -you can hygge on any social event or hygge on yourself. To make it more clear, you can embrace hygge by taking a hot shower during a cold winter morning or having a good relaxing sleep on your bed or by going out for a picnic with your friends.

How do you embrace Hygge at your home?

There are different ways to hygge in your home -make your interiors more cozy by adding cushions and soft textures. Get a lot of candles, scented or unscented to make the atmosphere fresh and warm. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee, put up beautiful paintings on the walls. Fill up your wardrobe with new outfits…just do anything that you enjoy the most or love to experience.

You can also hygge with friends or family. Have a get together with your loved ones, cook your favorite dishes and have a good time relishing them. Especially during the cold winters in Denmark, you can hygge by having a small party in your house where you and your dear ones could enjoy chatting; drinking and eating near the fireplace. If you love going out, just wear those warm clothes and go for a walk with your love.

Find some time to indulge in your hobbies. Read a novel, do some gardening or bake something special. Enjoy those moments.  Do anything that can bring you out of the daily stress. Be it your clothing, enjoying a cold drink during summer or making yourself look beautiful, you can hygge in your everyday life.

You can hygge by doing simple things in life. Avoid rushing, get cozy and find your comfort by being informal. Hygge is all about feeling good!

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