18 julio, 2018

Striking Dixon!

In an international world, where cultural origins collide to create one more layer of new mixed cultures, design is highly influenced and enriched in its process, techniques and aesthetics. This design evolution is constantly adjusted by talented designers who seek to create innovative and authentic iconic designs!

Observing this cultural collision we look at self-taught British designer Tom Dixon, who is of Tunisian origin yet has develop his successful designer career in the UK. He has developed his own way to express his creativity through lighting, furniture and accessories that show a level of crafting to the masses, which grand him worldwide recognition.

Dixon as Creative Director of his own brand has explored lighting designs that reclaim crafted metalwork supplied in a simpler manner. A great example of this is the Beat Pendant series that are made in solid brass, with a patina colour external surface in contrast to its warm, golden interior of rich beat metalwork. Combining this array of textures provides a modern approach to industrial crafted design whilst awakening an ethnical chic style that harmoniously fits various interior styles.

The distinct Beat Pendant collection seems to merge industrial design and contemporary ethnic chic style that resembles that Northern African metalwork, highly vivid and with great texture, perhaps how Dixon conveys revise crafted mass produce design. Standing alone provides subtle chicness yet arranged in a composition this lighting design creates a dynamic room with a dramatic statement.


Explore the striking beat metalwork by Tom Dixon. Rememebr that lighting enhances the special qualities of the room and defines the tone of each interior; now imagine striking design that contains all this rich mix. Looking forward to continue working along this design evolution whilst continue crafting harmonious interiors for you!

Written by Fanny Galvan Cedillo.


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